Universal Muzzle Boresight Devices

One boresight telescope fits them all
To keep the costs down and the weight low it needs only a single boresight telescope from the Universal Muzzle Boresight.
Devices line together with specialized adapters – caliber bars – to cover all relevant weapon systems in service. Aside long training sessions caused by many different equipment types become simply needless.

Fast and easy
Time is money. In the field time can be worth even more. Adjusting a weapon sight with the Airbus DS Optronics boresight devices is a quick, easy and reliable process. A skilled user needs only a few minutes to bring his weapon system back on line.

Self-test capable
Prior to a weapon alignment the boresight equipment is manually centered to the weapon barrel axis. By performing this centering procedure the build-in self-test feature always ensures, that the
equipment is fully operational.
Preconditioned, that the weapon barrel is in good shape false boresights as well as false repairs of the boresight equipment are easily avoided.

Main features & benefits

  • Highest boresighting accuracy
  • Ruggedized and long-lasting
  • Simple operating concept
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Self-test capable
  • Long and short range boresighting
  • Covers most existing weapons and variants
  • Easyly adaptable to new weapon systems
  • ITAR-free

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